Rules for Round 2

  • * 100 oz. H2O intake *
  • * Daily Activity = 45 min. *
  • * Daily Calories = 1500 *
  • * No more Diet Coke *
  • * Tuesday Logins *

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Total to Date:

So, I decided today that I am going to count in everything I have lost thusfar - it will help me get to 75 by May and then I can keep going after that to get to the number that the charts say.

Counting my brief gym membership pounds from this fall I have lost a total of 24! Holy Crap!

Week 4, SUSPENSE!!

After an entire weekend of drinking and making/eating cookies I wasn't actually going to get on the scale this AM and weigh in. I haven't really thought about having a "bad" week since I have been on a roll since starting about a month ago.

This morning however, I did weigh in after reminding myself that the only thing that is holding me back this time around is myself. So, I lost 1 pound this week. Not awesome, but definitely not the scale tipping 5-6 I thought I had packed on.

So, after falling short this week...I will be on the treadmill in the AM and each day thereafter. Please ask me how I am doing with that, as accountability is the best way to motivate!

Thanks for helping me along!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week 3!

So, this is a day late...had a migraine yesterday that kept me home from work. I didn't have the energy to login and post, I did however hop on the scale to find that I lost 3 lbs! WOO!!! I didn't meet my goal of 5, which is due to still not getting on the treadmill. Its like this weird fear or something, I will justify almost ANYTHING these days to avoid it. Cleaning the house is the usual culprit...Ben appreciates the spotless house but wtf??

This week, I need some serious willpower - before all this I planned a big Cookie Baking Frenzy at the cabin that is sure to include many many sugary treasures, alcohol, and munchy snacks, All downfalls of mine.

Hoping for another 2-3 next week, that's the pace I need to keep to stay on track...


PS - Wrote out Christmas cards yesterday, made them on shutterfly with about 5 pics of us. Can't wait to send one next year with pictures that I actually look good in!!! :)