Rules for Round 2

  • * 100 oz. H2O intake *
  • * Daily Activity = 45 min. *
  • * Daily Calories = 1500 *
  • * No more Diet Coke *
  • * Tuesday Logins *

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Took the Holidays OFF... Uh Oh!

So, this is my first posting...and first weigh in since the dreaded "Holidays". I have to admit, I say I took the time off from weighing in to save myself some stress but I was kind of hitting a bit of a wall there for a bit. I have my steam back again though! This coming Monday starts a team weightloss competition at work and I am looking forward to KICKING SOME BUTT, (and losing some butt while I am at it!) :)

I imagine you're wondering what my results were? Well, I ended up gaining .5 lbs back and didn't find it as hard to stick to my rules afterall! I just kept reminding myself that the cookie would taste awesome for about 3 min., (if I chewed VERY slowly) and it would take me WAYYYY longer to recoup after gaining.

Maybe this is what they call a lifestyle change?? Either way, it works so far. :)

Next Tuesdays post will include my comments after my first "insanity" workout. Apparently its by the same ppl who do P90x, and since my treadmill has yet to pique my interest I am actually kind of excited to have a plan to stick to. Just hope I don't die doing some psycho wokrout though!

Wish me luck!