Rules for Round 2

  • * 100 oz. H2O intake *
  • * Daily Activity = 45 min. *
  • * Daily Calories = 1500 *
  • * No more Diet Coke *
  • * Tuesday Logins *

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Beginnings...

Well, its day 2 after realizing that the person that I "see" myself as isn't the same person that others around me see. I am 48 hours into my new life and am realizing that I need everyone around me to know what my goals are, selfishly because I am hoping people will think twice before tempting me and that maybe just maybe I will find a weight loss buddy that is just as serious as I am!

Thus, the blog. Here's to new beginnings!


  1. I'm with you! Lets do this! :) After Asher, man I could use a change of pace! :) Good luck my friend, I'm sooooo proud of you! :)

  2. My wonderful, beautiful friend... I see you as nothing less than absolutely amazing, talented, smart, funny, loving, determined, brave, accomplished, powerful, fierce, creative...the list goes on and on. You can do anything!!! And I'm always here for you, through whatever challenges come your way - good, bad or ugly!

  3. Charity,

    You're inspiring :)

    I'm glad you started this blog.