Rules for Round 2

  • * 100 oz. H2O intake *
  • * Daily Activity = 45 min. *
  • * Daily Calories = 1500 *
  • * No more Diet Coke *
  • * Tuesday Logins *

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 1....Drum Roll Please!

So, its officially the end of my week 1 on my new adventure of becoming the skinny bitch that I was meant to be. Before I tell everyone my progress, I'll share a little about the weeks' progress.

First, I am fiending for an ice cold diet coke. I can give up anything it seems and replace it with a healthier option except this...I am nearly salivating thinking about cracking open that beautiful silver can. Mmm. Next, I did an awesome job sticking to my 1500 calories or less, most days I actually came in at 1200 or 1300. Woo!

My new discovery for the week, Sugar Snap Peas! I've NEVER tried them before and think they are my new favorite thing to mindlessly snack on both at work and watching TV. Even Mr. Rookie likes them! :)

Although I made a deal with Manda to start an exercise program yesterday Mr Rookie had different ideas and we spend the evening at the vet. So, we'll be starting that piece of the journey tomorrow. Then comes turkey day...I vow to stay busy and now nibble on stuff....I can do it!!!

And now, for the final results...I LOST SIX POUNDS THIS WEEK!!! I feel so energized to keep truckin' along...I know from previous attempts at this that the first two weeks' weight loss are seriously Biggest Loser style numbers. I don't care, six is six, and I am well on my way to 75...which ends up being about 3 pounds a week. Keep truckin!!

Til next week...


  1. Whoo-Hoo!! I'm so proud of you! Don't worry about the excersice portion - it'll happen! I hope Rook is okay, believe me I understand just how difficult it can be with life schedule to keep up with things! Keep on keeping on! :) Love you! :)

  2. You are awesome. Totally and completely A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I, too am so very proud of you!! :) 6 lbs. in a week is really great! YAY! Keep on track, keep your head held high, and keep on doing this JUST FOR YOU (well, you and that "skinny bitch" inside you! hee hee!) LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS!